Mensa Bracelet (Glossy Edition)

Mensa Bracelet (Glossy Edition)

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Mensa means “table” in Latin, and the four-point minimalist shape of our bracelet’s open pattern welcomes the avalanche of feelings that will inhabit your soul when you wear this bracelet. The Mensa constellation is named after the iconic "table" mountain in South Africa where it was first observed.

Your table could mean a big family dinner—a brawly, messy affair with the happy clatter of miss-matched dishes and stainless steel forks. OR it might recall your very first dinner date when Mom and Dad dropped you off at the curb. Are you blushing? This time, your table could be in the mahogany-
lined conference room at work when you impressed the CEO. What? You were laughed out of the room? Oh dear. Instead, let’s go to that weathered and wonderful initial-carved table in your favorite park. Paper plates and plastic forks scatter in a gust of wind. Feel better? Tables bring people together. Remember the love. Celebrate great collaboration. Savor the sad memories, too. They’ll all come rushing back when you wear this bracelet to the park or on your next dinner date. Or go crazy. Wear them anywhere. Anytime. You’ll love how they look with any outfit. Trust us. This inspired Mensa wrist ornament is a part of our Midnight Classic collection.

Collection: Midnight Classic

Materials: 24k Gold plated on stainless steel

Diameter: 6 cm

Constellations is an elegant family run jewelry line with a focus on unique quality. All our gorgeous pieces are inspired by the constellations we see in the sky every night. Every product is hand checked and shipped from our own home so we can only carry a limited amount at a time. Forged and inspired by the stars, constellations is the perfect gift for that special someone or a welcome edition to your jewelry collection. 100% satisfaction or your money back!

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